Bicycle Program

Bicycle Loan

Transportation can be difficult for summer workers in Door County. There are no buses or trains and there is very limited taxi service.

BRIDGES has loaned bicycles to students for many years. Your employer can obtain a bicycle for you. The employer will need to know your height and whether you want a male or female style bike.

Bicycles will be delivered to your employer’s location during normal working hours.

Ken Hollenbeck
BRIDGES Bicycles

Bicycle Repairs

If your bicycle needs repairs, you must contact Ken Hollenbeck to arrange for assistance at:

920-854-2461 or

Ken will need to know the BRIDGES ID Number of the bicycle, located on the post beneath the bicycle seat, in order to bring the correct parts to repair your specific bicycle.

Your employer will be asked to make a $10.00 contribution for each bicycle that is loaned to cover the cost of maintenance and replacement parts. Checks from your employer should be made payable to:

BRIDGES of Friendship
c/o First Baptist Church of Sister Bay
2622 S. Bay Shore Drive
Sister Bay, WI 54234

Bicycles are the property of BRIDGES and have a serial ID tag. Before you leave Door County at the end of the season, contact Ken Hollenbeck at the number above to tell him when the bicycle will be available for pickup at your employer’s location.